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Comprehensive care



Provide follow-up and accompaniment to cases of violation of the rights of people in human mobility and in situations of vulnerability, especially those of childhood, adolescence and women, with an emphasis on education, health and opportunities in the territory, through comprehensive and psychosocial care to people and their families.


  1. Provide legal, psychological and social advice for access to fundamental rights in the territory.

  2. Accompany cases of priority attention until their restitution or access to the violated right.


2021 achievements

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731 cases attended in 2021 of people in situations or contexts of human mobility and vulnerability. Comprehensive care, accompaniment and advice services were provided in special cases, guaranteeing the enjoyment and enjoyment of fundamental rights during the health crisis (COVID-19): health, housing education, legal assistance, technological access, regularization, food, clothing , among others.

The respective referrals of cases  were made to: DONUM Foundation, CDIs, HIAS, ACNUR, María Amor Shelter, Ministry of Education, Jesuit Refugee Service, Cáritas Ecuador and Cáritas Cuenca, Fundación Reinas de Cuenca , Acción  Municipal Social, Ministry of  Foreign Relations, Cantonal Rights Protection Board, Casa del Migrante, Posada San Francisco, Ombudsman,_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ public defender, among other instances that provided their contingent for joint work in the face of the health crisis.

200 people benefited from the COVID-19 rapid testing campaign, an event carried out in coordination with volunteers from the foundation in the medical area and the support of Laboratorios Avorepharma SA in the city of Cuenca.

110 families have benefited from the FCTE Community Wardrobe during the pandemic, deliveries are made on an outpatient basis to avoid contagion and possible positive cases.

7 social organizations and international organizations met at the facilities of Pastoral Social de Cuenca to discuss the challenges that arise in comprehensive care for families in human mobility of Venezuelan nationality in the city of Cuenca for the year 2022.

80 technological instruments between Tables and laptops were delivered to 92 students in human mobility and vulnerability who are within the school education system in the 2021-2022 school year, instruments that were acquired with the support of GlobalGiving and IOM Ecuador._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

2 health fairs were held with the support of the mobile health booths of the Municipal Social Action of Cuenca and the Red Cross of Cuenca, benefiting 50 people, including children, adolescents, women, adults and older adults in human mobility and vulnerability in the areas of general medicine and dentistry.

The First Aid Kit is kept active in order to provide assistance in case of cuts or minor injuries within the different spaces of the foundation, headquarters and CDIs.

1 child with a disability benefited from the services of the municipal health system in the area of psycho-emotional therapy and support for the family and the child; He also received support for access to the MIES voucher and a wheelchair.          

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