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It is a civil society organization that in 2020 has become a benchmark for training, inclusion, integration, prevention, promotion  and restitution of rights for boys, girls, adolescents, young people  and their families in situations of human mobility.


CREATE YOUR SPACE is a civil society organization committed to the training, integration and systemic development of children, adolescents, young people and their families in a situation of human mobility, so that they contribute to a more humane society.


We contribute to the construction of a culture of peace evidenced in the defense, prevention, promotion  and restitution of the rights of girls, boys, adolescents, young people and their families, in a situation of human mobility based on the principles of good living and universal citizenship, strengthening the family, institutional and social fabric.


We promote the inclusion, participation and exchange of knowledge, which promote and consolidate the leadership of children and adolescents in search of good living through the production of edu-communication materials. 

Our history


Compliance makes us grow

Laboriousness , ability to work in a team performing the planned activities effectively and efficiently.

Freedom , make our own decisions, respecting the value and dignity of the person, accepting the different ideas, customs and beliefs that exist in the organization.

Ethics , the main value that determines our institutional procedure.

Solidarity , attitude and responsibility of all for others.

Commitment , motivation to transform ideas into reality.


The direction that leads us to good service

  • Contribute to raising awareness regarding the values ​​of individual freedom and the rights of people in human mobility.  

  • Provide comprehensive technical assistance through staff and volunteers on the subject of human mobility to guide, accompany and monitor.

  • Promote the understanding of human rights with continuous and systemic training, through its training program and projects towards all sectors of society.

  • Promote receptiveness, integration and solidarity with the community in human mobility in the receiving society of migrants to create spaces of encounter and coexistence.

  • Plan and prepare projects that contribute to the development of society and communities in human mobility.

  • Carry out and collaborate with social research and the construction of public policy.

  • Build participation spaces for children, adolescents and young people in situations of human mobility.

statute  organizational

Document that allows  the walk of Create Your Space at the  of Ecuador and the world.

Internal regulation FCTE

Document that has norms and rules of coexistence, time management, co-responsibility and assertive communication.

External audit 

Document that allows observing and evaluating the technical and financial management of the organization, to improve interventions in the social field.

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Digital magazine

dreams in  march, legacies  compliments

Board of Directors



FCTE President


Andrea Astudillo

Vice President  FCTE


Ana Marisol

Secretary  FCTE


Fernando Sarango

FCTE Director-Coordinator


I have been in this family for some years and it has helped me develop as a child and today as a teenager, since it allowed me to develop better.

12 year old teenager - internal migrant.

I am very happy to continue being part of this organization and I hope from this space to contribute to more adolescents taking positive actions.

16 year old teenager - immigrant.

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