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it is beyond a social service, it is also research, training, development, solidarity, social commitment, integration and much more!




During these 11 years

Children's centers

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We guarantee the right of children

We execute quality services to care for the life cycle of boys, girls from 12 to 36 months, special protection and people with disabilities, with emphasis on the population in situations of poverty, extreme poverty, vulnerability and in situations or contexts of human mobility .

Forming pairs

Training, the best resource to humanize

We provide girls, boys, adolescents, youth, women, public and private institutions with theoretical and practical tools to train on the subject of human mobility and rights, to undertake their recognition and citizen empowerment, influencing Ecuadorian society with much more openness and spontaneity. , through the media and the internet, through the use of communicational awareness and prevention products on the subject of human mobility.

Educommunicational production

Voices in human mobility

We permanently produce, build and disseminate educational-communication products that make visible, sensitize, prevent and educate on issues of human mobility and its different aspects, through its direct actors in these migratory processes.

Comprehensive care

Comprehensive support for children, adolescents, youth and women

We provide follow-up and accompaniment to cases of violation of the rights of people in human mobility, especially children and adolescents in contexts such as education, health and opportunities in the territory, through comprehensive and psychosocial care for people in mobility human and their families.

Political and social impact

Local, national and international

We contribute and contribute to the visibility of the realities of people in human mobility and their families in different public and private spaces, through political and social advocacy that allows us to contribute to the construction of norms, laws and ordinances for their benefit. collectives.

Youth, family and development

sustainable growth

We empower young people and their families with tools and knowledge so that they see entrepreneurship, productivity and development as an opportunity to improve the quality of life of themselves and their families, who live in situations or contexts of human mobility, through the creation of projects productive, scalable and with social and environmental responsibility within its environment.


Our achievements

active migrant community











November 15, 2022

Paths That Leave Footprints

Topic: The Afghan community in Ecuador and their rights.


Southern Radial System 91.7 FM: Sunday - 07:00

CORAPE Satellite: Sunday - 08:00 Thursday - 11:00

The Voice of Zamora 102.9 FM: Saturday - 2:00 p.m.

Silveria Stereo 106.9 FM - Friday 07:00

Radio FÉNIX 104.5 FM - Sunday 10:00

Voces Azuayas - Facebook Live - Monday 10:00

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Fernando Sarango


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November 15, 2022

move move

Theme: How to participate in the neighborhood as children and adolescents in human mobility.


Southern Radial System 91.7 FM: Sunday - 09:30

CORAPE Satellite: Sunday - 11:00 Tuesday - 11:00

The Voice of Zamora 102.9 FM: Sunday - 09:00

Silveria Stereo 106.9 FM - Saturday 10:30

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Anibal Bacuilima



July 15, 2022

Convocation Award

of the Photography Contest, Second Edition.

Happy and excited to have left a grain of sand in the awareness of society to include the #circulareconomy in our daily actions. We congratulate all the winners, our sponsors: Tejemujeres , Tarabita Guabisay and the Paute Cantonal Council for the Integral Protection of Rights.

Funte: Lcdo. Hannibal Bacuilima

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Hannibal Bacuilima

@ fcte1

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October 1, 2021

Provincial Forums  2020 - 2021

Provincial Forum Azuay 2020 and Morona Santiago 2021.- Spaces for dialogue, reflection and proposals in action of young people and priority attention sectors of the southern region of the country.  

2020 / + INFO

2021 / + INFO


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Fernando Sarango



March 4, 2022

Documents generated during these years

In this section you will be able to access our PDF material that will allow you to work with different groups to improve the citizen performance of boys, girls, adolescents, youth and women.

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Anibal Bacuilima


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December 1, 2021

radio magazine  


Where topics of youth interest are addressed, every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. by these stations:

Silveria Stereo 106.9 FM

Radio FENIX 104.5 FM

Source: Atty. Hannibal Bacuilima

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Hannibal Bacuilima

@ fcte1

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human trafficking exists



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Godfather and Godmother for a Day:

Education is the basis for human and social growth, it contributes so that more children are educated and improve their living conditions.

Together we fight for the right to educate migrant children.

Socially responsible companies :

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radio magazine

move, move

children and adolescents on the move

radio magazine


Building universal citizenship


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