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Educommunicational production

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Produce, build and permanently disseminate edu-communicational products that make visible, sensitize, prevent and educate on issues of human mobility and its different aspects, such as human rights, through citizens as direct actors of participation.


  1. Maintain the two radio programs on human mobility and broadcast frequencies.

  2. Frequently build spots and capsules of information, prevention and awareness on the issue of human mobility and rights of priority attention sectors.

  3. Disseminate educational programs and products on modular frequency (FM) radios and social networks.


2021 achievements

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53 radio programs of the magazine "Caminos que Dejan Huellas" were produced in 2021 of 60 minutes, which allowed to educate, sensitize and raise awareness on the issue of human mobility and its different aspects despite the pandemic and post-pandemic.

53 radio programs of the magazine "Muévete, Muévete" were produced with the participation of children and adolescents in situations of human mobility and in vulnerability, allowing the involvement and active participation of these two social groups with all the biosafety measures and using technology in the face of the health crisis in the country.

100% of the educommunication productions of the radio magazines “Caminos que Dejan Huellas” and “Muévete, Muévete” in 2021 continued to be broadcast on Radio Católica Nacional, Sistema Radial del Sur, the 32 community radio stations through CORAPE Satelital and Radio la Voice of Zamora; and FM coverage was expanded this year on radio stations such as: Silveria Stereo and radio Fénix.

245 educommunication products were produced (posters, videos, Gifs and photos) to promote citizen participation, social empowerment, youth leadership, rights of migrants and priority sectors; that were disseminated on the foundation's social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others), as well as 215 communication products (radio programs, spots, interviews, among others) for awareness and education on issues of human mobility, fight against corruption, ecological economy, entrepreneurship and livelihoods, broadcast on FM frequency spaces.  

4 educommunication campaigns broadcast on CORAPE Satelital, Sistema Radial del Sur and Silveria Stereo to raise awareness and educate on topics such as: livelihoods, entrepreneurship, fight against corruption, youth participation and circular economy. 

3 radio stations in the intervention areas of the rural radio journalism schools broadcast the educommunication products for 4 months, these stations were: Radio Click - 100.9 FM / 98.7 FM.; Radio Amistad – 97.5 FM. and Radio Athens – 95.7 FM. The same one that allowed to educate, sensitize, raise awareness and inform about the realities of the sectors, rights, participation and involvement of children and adolescents in the province. In 2021, 378,021 people have listened to the foundation's radio productions that are broadcast locally, nationally and internationally, through the different radio educational communication products, society was made aware and visible on issues such as: livelihoods , entrepreneurship, fight against corruption, youth participation, human mobility and circular economy.    

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We have had 256,078 visitors in 2021 through the scope of the Page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. LinkedIn and the institutional website. Nearly 8,121 people interacted, many of them requesting information on training projects, radio, volunteering and accompaniment on regularization issues in the country.   

We were part of the “United we are Sustainable” campaign promoted in conjunction with PADF Ecuador, CIRCULAR, Fundación Campaña, IICA and Fundación CAJE, through social networks, which promoted ways to include the circular economy in our country.     

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Active voices

Production of children and adolescents.

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Paths That Leave Footprints

Production specialized in human mobility.

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Our actions

Told on video .



Move, move

Production of children and adolescents.



Enterprising youth

Production of young people from the Alausí canton.



Our actions

Told in pictures.

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