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Provide children, women, adolescents, youth, collectives, public and private institutions, theoretical and practical tools on the subject of human mobility and rights, to undertake their recognition and citizen empowerment with much more openness and spontaneity influencing Ecuadorian society.


  1. Build capacities in human rights, in all the sectors that make up the social fabric.

  2. Develop skills and capacities for child and youth action based on citizen actions.

  3. Produce edu-communicational material for prevention and awareness on migration and human rights issues.


2021 achievements


94 public officials from Zonal 6 who work on social and development projects, as well as legislative officials, were trained in rights, citizen participation with vulnerable actors and management, measurement and impact indicators for social projects, under the virtual modality.  

79 young leaders from Azuay, Cañar, Chimborazo and Morona Santiago were trained in "Social Policy" and "Fight against Corruption", in virtual mode; in total there were 8 modules with 26 workshops that allowed them to strengthen their knowledge, promote their empowerment, fight against corruption and citizen participation in their territories. 

139 boys, girls and adolescents from educational units, rural areas of Azuay and in human mobility strengthened their knowledge in rights, citizen participation, fight against corruption and management of audiovisual production media (videos and radio), in virtual and face-to-face mode through the period of four months.

37 leaders of organizations, groups, associations, social and commercial enterprises from Azuay, Cañar and Chimborazo strengthened their knowledge in entrepreneurship, business plan, accounting, rights, organizational participation, Open Government and EITI.  

8 representatives of small businesses of families in human mobility received basic notions of entrepreneurship for 8 weeks with the support of psychology students from the University of Cuenca.

5 emprendimientos rurales de Cañar recibieron apoyo en mejoramiento de su iniciativa         _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   entrepreneur, legal and tax status of a venture by students of the University of Cuenca, Faculty of Chemical Sciences.

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