Give us your time, your abilities, your abilities and your will, which also contributes to ending inequalities in our country and the world.

How can you help?

Support in events

Photography, logistics, care, education, awareness and locution for development.

  • Graphic design and creative design tasks .

  • Support in research work.

  • Languages.

  • Document Review.

  • Administrative tasks (Social work, psychology, law, agriculture, entrepreneurship, communication and medicine).

We currently have:

twenty volunteers who give their time to carry out activities in Cuenca and Alausí;

Being directly involved in the fight against inequality and the recognition of people in human mobility and vulnerability. Within this family of volunteers there are people online and in person.

Volunteering is a great contribution,

because they provide experience and knowledge for development in all branches.

join us

and you will become the opportunity that people in human mobility and vulnerability need and thus eradicate inequalities.


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How join?

Volunteer data

Thanks, we'll get in touch soon!