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We generate skills, abilities and knowledge in people, groups that are part of priority groups to motivate, associate and promote the exercise of their human and citizen rights, providing them with tools that allow them to influence the construction of public policies.


  1. At the end of the project, we have 50 people from priority care sectors with tools and means exercising their rights and involved in the construction of social impact.

  2. At the end of the project, we have 25 CPCCS and CCPD officials supporting the rights promotion and enforcement processes.

  3. At the end of the project, we have 4 lines of intervention in communication and educommunication material in exercise, empowerment of rights and citizen participation, the same that in 30% will serve to strengthen the participants and their dissemination will occur in 40% in spaces community and digital.

  4. At the end of the project, we have 55% of the empowered beneficiary population, in spaces for citizen dialogue, participation and social initiatives that monitor and enforce public policy and government decisions.

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Achievements 2019

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The inter-institutional link with the Pan American Development Foundation - PADF was carried out with the project "My Rights for More People" linked to the national project MIRA (Monitors, Informs, Reports and Acts, II Phase.


100% of the edu-communicational productions of the radio magazines “Caminos que Dejan Huellas” and “Muévete, Muévete” continued to be broadcast on four radio stations locally and nationally: Radio Católica Nacional, Radio Cenepa, CORAPE Satelital, Radio La Voz de Zamora through broadcast cooperation agreements.


In 2019, around 17,120 people have visited our Facebook Fanpage (Create Your Space), who have interacted, reacted and shared our publications. Obtaining until December 2019: 2,300 likes, 2,362 followers, on the Twitter social network about 60,097 impressions (total number of times people have seen a Tweet), many of them belonging to networks, international organizations and institutions that work the topic of human mobility at national and international level, on Instagram it reached 6,897 and had 2,024 reactions.

40 digital posters, 18 videos, 7 radio spots, 33 radio capsules were produced. All this audiovisual production was generated with an educommunication and participation approach, guarantee, promotion, awareness and enforceability of rights of priority attention groups within the framework of the project "My rights for more people".

FCTE was part of the Special Commission for the reform of the cantonal ordinance "Protection of People in Situation of Human Mobility and their Families" and the creation of the Road Map of Attention to Population and Begging of Migrant Population in the Cantonal Table of Mobility Human.

The organization was part of the creation and planning of the activities of the nineteenth Meeting of Cultures in the Cuenca canton, with the intention of resuming good practices, living with different nationalities and generating integration between populations.

In the framework of the project “My rights for more people”, families were integrated to provide the food service (snacks) for all workshops throughout the process. In this way, the families offered their variety of traditional food from their country of origin and at the same time generated links with the participants for future collaborations.

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