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Political and social impact



Contribute and contribute to the visibility of the realities of people in human mobility and their families in the different public and private spaces, through political and social advocacy that allows contributing to the construction of norms, laws and ordinances for the benefit of these Collectives.


  1. Promote advocacy networks and alliances for the guarantee, enforceability and observance of human rights. 

  2. Participate in public and private spaces for the construction of public policies aimed at the defense, enforceability and observance of rights.


2021 achievements


In 2021 we participated in face-to-face and virtual spaces to contribute, reflect and build proposals on human mobility, these spaces were: participation in government accountability forums in the Global Compact for Migration, society forums of migration, construction of the Migrant Alliance at the Latin American level, presentation of documents for the United Nations within the Global Migration Compact, participation in the consultations of the Parliamentary group on Human Mobility, civil society meetings to address human mobility carried out by the group of civil society, process of immobility in the Americas, forum to Fight Trafficking and Human Trafficking and the Global Forum for participation and development GFMD. 

We are part of GTRM - Cuenca since the constitution of the Network in favor of human mobility, a space that is made up of 12 institutions between international organizations and social organizations.   

In 2021 Crea Tu Espacio maintained its participation in the Human Mobility Advisory Council, as well as the delegation as a member of Civil Society in the CCPD Cuenca by the human mobility group, within this space the POA of the year 2022 of the Cantonal Council for the Protection of Rights and the regulations for calling the members of the Cantonal Boards for the Protection of Rights, which in 2021 would have 3 boards. 

7 proactive dialogue and reflection tables were held in 2021 in virtual and face-to-face mode, where various actors participated, such as: youth, civil society, public officials, teachers, adolescents and university academics; in total there were 312 people who were able to participate in the different virtual proactive dialogue tables.

In 2021, working alliances were established with social and public actors that allowed joint actions for the benefit of society, such as: CONAGOPARE Azuay, CONAGOPARE Cañar, GAD Parroquial de Nazón, GAD Cantonal de Gualaceo, CCPD of the Paute canton, GAD Cantonal El Pan , La Rioja University of Spain – UNIR, Seville Don Bosco Parish GAD, Jerusalem Parish GAD, Azogues CCPD, Cuenca University Entrepreneurship Center, Cuenca Catholic University, America College Higher Technological Institute, Biblián Canton CCPD, Parish GAD Honorato Vázquez, GAD Cantonal Intercultural El Tambo that allowed joint work in training and education, incidence and construction of actions aimed at the human and social development of priority attention groups. 

Fundación Crea Tu Espacio developed 6 virtual forums "Nothing about Migrants, without Migrants" where the migratory reality in the face of COVID-19 was made visible; these actions had the support of PADF Ecuador, Jesuit Refugee Service, Scalabrinians, CARE Ecuador, Red CLAMOR, Cáritas Ecuador and Alianza Migrante. In the same way, 5 Migratory VideoToons were made where the reality of those who live these migratory processes was made visible.

We were at the socialization of the "Ordinance to Promote the Integration and Interculturality of Immigrants and Refugees" of the Cuenca canton, which seeks to strengthen the work on migration in the canton. 

We were in 3 spaces for dialogue on issues of human mobility, protection mechanisms for people against human trafficking (prevention and awareness) at the local and international level.   

We were at the launch of the Universal Citizenship, Human Rights and Migration campaign, which seeks to make visible the reality in the Paute canton and at the forum "The challenges and challenges in human mobility in the province" developed by the Cantonal Council for the Protection of the Rights of the Paute canton.  

Fundación Crea Tu Espacio celebrated its thirteenth anniversary as an organization on December 22 and its sixth year as a legal organization virtually, where it had partners and special guests. We met with the head of Caritas Austria in Cuenca for the joint work of volunteers for the second quarter of 2022.  

We met with the delegation from the Fondation Botnar, a Swiss organization that toured our country for meetings with social actors for future joint projects.

We participated as panelists in the Andean Seminar "Monitoring and Follow-up of the Implementation Process of the Migration Pact in the Countries of the Andean Region" as an Ecuadorian delegation.

We had a visit from the PADF Ecuador where the joint journey was evaluated and proposals were worked out aimed at articulated work for the coming months and years and in this way guarantee a country of opportunities for the most vulnerable sectors and in a priority situation in the country.

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