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Godfather and Godmother for a Day

We seek to ensure that children and adolescents in a migratory situation and in vulnerability enter and remain in the Ecuadorian educational system, with the necessary tools and supplies for adequate learning. 

 In this project, the Foundation provides support, accompaniment and seeks mechanisms to meet these requirements.


    Help us guarantee this RIGHT, together we can do it. Today we must cover access to technology, school supplies, backpacks, uniforms, shoes and the internet.


Contribute to education



Young immigrants and migrants experience complex situations from the moment they leave their place of origin, in transit and in the new location. This population faces many violations of their human rights; among the most critical is egalitarian education in its new location. The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated their economic capacity to access technology and the internet, thus preventing them from remaining in the educational system.



The campaign of the CREA TU ESPACIO Foundation "Godmother and Godfather for a Day" seeks solidarity donors to enable the entry and permanence of these children and adolescents in the Ecuadorian educational system. The campaign seeks financial sponsors for a child or adolescent for the upcoming school year and beyond.

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