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Godfather and Godmother for a Day

We seek to ensure that children and adolescents in a migratory and vulnerable situation enter and remain in the Ecuadorian educational system, with the necessary tools and inputs for adequate learning.

In this project, the Foundation provides support, accompaniment and seeks mechanisms to cover these requirements.


Help us guarantee this RIGHT, together we can do it. Today we must cover access to technology, school supplies, backpacks, uniforms, shoes and the internet.


Contribute to education




Every child deserves access to a quality education, regardless of their immigration status or social status. In this video, you will learn the stories of children and adolescents from the Alausí and Cuenca cantons, who face unimaginable challenges to continue their education for this new school year, which begins in September 2024.


Make a difference and become their hero. With your donation, we will provide these brave children and adolescents with the tools and resources necessary to continue learning and build a future full of opportunities.

Join this noble cause and change their lives forever! Every penny counts and your generosity will be the light that guides their steps towards a brighter tomorrow.

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