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Comic contest

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We present our winners, it was a difficult decision, all the participants reflected the fight against corruption and the promotion of transparency with great creativity and innovation. These are the winners:


1.- POSITION: Jorge David Coyaguillo Tacuri

2.- POSITION: María Calderón

3.- POSITION: Elían Paz


To withdraw their prizes, the winners must send the following information to the email:


1.- Copy of the identity card or passport.

2.- A trade where they declare that it was their work and it was not a copy of other works.

3.- Bank or cooperative account number that is in their name, in the case of third-party accounts, the winning participant must issue a letter requesting that the money be deposited in that signed and scanned account.

4.- Incorporate your comic work with the signature of the winner at the end of the comic.


For more information you can contact: Fabian Bacuilima / 0990117152.


Values ​​to be delivered:


First place

$ 250

Second place

$ 150

Third place

$ 75

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